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Your guide to all of BPFCs opposition league clubs and what we think of them.

Levski Sofia (Div I)

The most popular club in Bulgaria and naturally it comes into antagonism with the aristocratic bultras idea of urban order. The blue fans gather on their stadium from different parts of the country. Various dialects, countrified bearing, ridicule styles. LSFC symbolizes the worst of the Bulgarian sports history - corruption, hypocrisy, hysterical manners. And always with a media comfort...


HATE: 10

Lokomotiv Pld (Div I)

They hate us more than they love theirs. The team of Bulgarian mafia. Gypos. They allege to be Plovdivers because their team lives in our city. But they always skip the fact that it came here from the town of Kjustendil. Years ago local FC Velbuzd (Div I) merged with our fellow "citizens" FC Lokomotiv (Div II) and that's the reason they play in the First BG Div. What so more to tell you about people, who choose their symbol to be a smurf called Doko (nickname for a gipsy)...



CSKA (Div I)

They are red, they are trophy-busters, they are Sofia. And because they're political power symbol of all times. Long time rivalry, in the last few years a bit less than before.



Lokomotiv Sofia (Div I)

Before they were friends of gypos, now they are just imitators.


Lokogo (Div II)

Best friends of gypos.


Cherno Morre (Div I)

Their fans are spies. These cop eyes heavy injured our coach after a 2003/2004 game in Varna.


Beroe (Div I)

They claim that we are enemies. OK, let's be at enmity with us.