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A tribute to the old days and their boys. Respect to the Chelsea boy.



Величествен и в своето нещастие Ботев Пловдив се бие. Сражава се за своето съществувание!

В драматичната битка с повратностите на съдбата Ботев Пловдив не е сам!

С него са хилядите от Трибуна Изток...

Битката срещу ДХ-С е само част от голямата война за Пловдив. Христолов е обречен!

Рано или късно ще бъде разкъсан и ще изгние в собствената си нищета.

След него, обаче, ще остане раната от посредствеността и тогава?

Няма нищо по-кофти от един безличен отбор, креташ из първенството!

Ще е нелепо и непростимо,

ако загубим "славата на Пловдив, гордостта на Тракия, най-доброто на Юга"!...





Before 1995 many different little fan groups from Kichuk Paris took active part on Tribuna Iztok - the east stand of the home College Stadium. But they were divided and disorganized in those days. Groups were formed mostly by quarter supporters (usually old-campaigners) and each gang operated without any coordination with the others.
All these Kichuk Paris brigades following the sample of the first bultras gang - Izgrev Boys (the first one in Bulgaria) decided to join together. So BRIGADES BRANNIK were born (brannik means a fighting defender). Probably branniks are the most radical part of Tribuna Iztok nowadays, but still they used to be a disorder band. Like a true symbol of Kichuk Paris streets illustrating their behavior - always unpredictable, aggressive and covert. Best days Banda Kichuka numbers over 80 urban gentlemen and young blood.
Parties and riots - these "goodlookin' problems" have been involved in the most violent incidents in Bulgaria and have got a top reputation in the BGR terrace culture...





Kichuk Paris is the southern urban area of Plovdiv. The suburb was built after the First World War when thousands of Bulgarian refugees from Thrace and Macedonia settled down in Plovdiv. Since then the area is notorious for its extreme citizens.

The suburb is comprised of 5 residential quarters with approx 52 000 inhabitants - Old Kichuk, Vastanicheski-south, Vastanicheski-north, Juzhen and Ostromila. It borders Central Railway Station to the north, Komatevsko shosse to the west and Southern Industrial zone to the east. The City ring-road is the southern border at the foot of the Rodopi mountains.


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Майка ви вагонерска, на кфи ни съ праите?

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