Branniks are the fans of BPFC from South Plovdiv urban area - Kichuk Paris. The suburb was built after the First World War when thousands of Bulgarian refugees from Thrace and Macedonia settled in Plovdiv. Since then the area is notorious for its extreme citizens.
Before 1994 many different little fangroups from K.P. took active part on Tribuna Iztok (East Stand), but they were divided and disorganized. These were mostly formed by quarter supporters (usually old-campaigners) and each gang operated without any coordination.
All these brigades from Kichuk Paris, following the sample of the first "bultras" group - Izgrev Boys (the first one in Bulgaria) decided to join together. So BRIGADES BRANNIK were born ("brannik" means a fighting defender). Probably Branniks are the most radical part of Tribuna Iztok nowadays, but still they used to be a disorder mass. Like a true symbol of Kichuk Paris streets...
The Fantom is the symbol of K.P. brigades. It illustrates the branniks' behavior - always unpredictable, illegal, aggresive and unknown to media-clamours.


The unique place where the most rageous fans of Botev Plovdiv F.C. gather. They call themselves "bultras". The men from the Eastern stand of the "College Stadium" are sometimes extreme in behaviour, but always vivid, picturesque and faithful to utmost in the colours of the club. Different in daily life - lazybones, students, streetboys, bohemians they find rebirth and a new identity there, often aggressive to the others but always for their own approval. Allied in their zodical bands "hundred of scarfs" just melt into the co-experience of the yellow-black passion into the love fever and everlasting affection for Botev Plovdiv. Arogant and proud, pretending to be something more than a symbol Tribuna Iztok (East Stand) "ignores" the dark side of life and violently proclaims the faith that future is only in a "yellow-black happiness". Because "In hearts - there is only Botev Plovdiv!" and there is no place to argue. Only Love!
"The pride of Thrace" is part of the sorrow and ecstasy of this cosmopolitan town. The name of the club connected with the brightest and saddest moments of the Plovdiv's soccer history. Plovdiv is a town full of enthusiasm and temper incredible for the rest of Bulgaria, but first of all Plovdiv is a total football madness! So great that it turns out to be another symbol of the town together with the Hights, the International Fair and the Ancient excavations. The biggest economy centre of South Bulgaria lives almost a century in the rhythm "from Saturday to Saturday". On the sixth day of the week Plovdiv is a soccer pulsing heart. For Plovdivers the game is not only a competition to amass victories or any cups. The football is an anthem of beauty, a release from everydays' worries, a pride and an ambition. Tribuna Iztok was a secret password and a banner of county's identity in the dark years of the communist oppression. Then the "College Stadium" turned out to be a people's assembly where the joy and ecstasy from the victories of the Canaries (Bot Pld squad) were integral connected with the free will of the "easy mayna" (Plovdiv citizens). An idependance proclaimed through the game! From these who cry through tears for the beloved Botev! To Tribuna Iztok! ...So this is the story of


Nowadays BULTRAS FRONT is the main firm that gather in all different parts of Tribuna Iztok. The idea was realized in the spring of 1995 before the Cup final match in Sofia versus Lokomotiv Sofia. The botevist groups of that time - Boys, Brannik and Bunta - combined efforts to crash the united Sofian gangs. Street clashes before the game shocked Bulgarian society, but proclaimed the leadership of the bultras...
Some people from Tribuna Iztok call themselves "goodlookin' problems". Battles, violence and riots - bultras have been involved in the most violent football incidents in Bulgaria and have got a top reputation in BG-terrace culture...

Team great ,
Team favorite ,
Team unforgettable !
Do conquer the World
With your play !
Come on Botev , come on !
You – great !
You – favorite !
You – unforgettable !
You – the pride of Thrace !

Tim velik ,
Tim ljubim ,
Tim nezabravim !
Sveta pokori s igrata si !
Napred Botev, napred !
Ti – velik !
Ti – ljubim !
Ti – nezabravim !
Ti – gordosta na Trakia !
Forward, Botev !
Only forward !
I love you !
You're the biggest !
You're the greatest in the
World !

Napred, Botev !
Samo napred !
Napred, Botev !
Samo napred !
Teb obicham az !
Ti si nai-goliam !
Ti si nai-velikiat v sveta !

And let the yellow-black star is shine
Symbol of the victory!
And let’s live in our hearts!
It’s only one, it’s only one!
For Botev, for Botev Plovdiv
We’re all for Botev Plovdiv!
For Botev, for Botev Plovdiv
We’re all for Botev Plovdiv!
We’ll congratulate us on our victory!
With ovation and songs
We will reward our favorite tem
Because of its marvellous play today!
For Botev, for Botev Plovdiv
We’re all for Botev Plovdiv!

I neka blesne zhaltochernata zvezda
Simvol na pobedata!
I nek’ zhivee v nashite sartza!
Edna e tja, edna!
Za Botev, za Botev Plovdiv
Nie vsichki sme za Botev Plovdiv!
Za Botev, za Botev Plovdiv
Nie vsichki sme za Botev Plovdiv!
S pobedata si nie shte se pozdravim!
S ovatzii I pesnichki
Otbora si ljubim shte nagradim
Za chudnata mu dnes igra!
Za Botev, za Botev Plovdiv
Nie vsichki sme za Botev Plovdiv

Here we go to win again
A match after match
Botev Plovdiv, it is! ale
Botev is! Botev is! Botev is!
The greatest team all over the World!
Botev is! Botev is! Botev is! Botev is!

Eto nie zapochvame pak
Da pechelime mach sled mach!
Botev Plovdiv, tova e! ale
Botev e! Botev e! Botev e! Botev e!
Nai-velikijat tim na sveta!
Botev e! Botev e! Botev e! Botev e!

Let sing again the song
About team of our hearts!
With yellow stole, a banner in hand
We will travel all over the earth!
To see that game – a daydream of the others!
Oh, God save Thrace
Save it always in times of woe
Blow away the ashes of foe
All over the world!
There’s no more Levski Sofia!
And no more “Pokoinika”!
There aren’t “Tzarevetz” and CSKA!
Here is a yellow-black team on the top!

Da zapeem pak pesenta
Za otbora na nash’te sartza!
S zhalto shalche, zname v raka
Shte obhodim ciala zemja
Za da vidim onazi igra –
Mechta na mnogo otbori po sveta!
Neka Bog da pazi Trakia
Da ja pazi vinagi v beda
Da razprasne na vragovete praha
Na dlash i shir po cialata zemja!
Njama veche Levski Sofia!
Njama veche i “Pokoinika”!
Njama “Tzarevetz” i CSKA!
Zhaltocheren tim e na varha!

On the College stadium in Plovdiv
The enemies go in fear
Everything is covered by glory
Everybody bow his head
Botev Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv -
The greatest team all over the world!
Botev Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv -
The champion of our hearts!

Na stadion “Koleza” vav Plovdiv
Vragovete umirat ot strah!
Vsichko tam e pokrito sas slava!
Vseki tam preklanija glava!
Botev Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv –
Nai-velikija tim na sveta!
Botev Plovdiv, Botev Plovdiv –
Shampionat na nash’te sartza!

Will never die!
Will never die!
One team in one heart!
A love in the name of the Canaries,
Will never die!
Will never die!
Torture and delight we will share together!
And nothing can’t stop us!
Will never die, will never die!
Ne shte umre, ne shte umre!
Edin otbor v edno sartze,
Edna ljubov v “kanarite”,
Ne shte umre, ne shte umre!
I makata, I radosta
Shte spodelime na sveta
I nishto njama da ni spre!
Ne shte umre, ne shte umre!

There is a team on earth
– The yellow-black!
And shines on a star, one star –
The greatest one!
For one dream, for one love –
The yellow-black!
Flash forever, burn forever –

Ima na sveta edin otbor –
I gori zvezda, edna zvezda –
Za edna mechta, za edna ljubov –
Cial zhivot blesti, cial zhivot gori –

Do fill glasses with beer!
Do fill to make us drunk!
Let’s celebrate the victory!
Let’s cheer now!
‘Cause Botev Plovdiv won!
‘Cause Botev won!
To the glory of Plovdiv
Let’s drink till dawn!
To the glory of Plovdiv
Let’s drink till dawn!
Nalei da piem birata!
Nalei da se napiem!
Da praznuvame pobedata!
Da se veselim sega!
Che Botev Plovdiv pobedi!
Che Botev pobedi!
Za slavata na Plovdiv da piem do zori!
Za slavata na Plovdiv da piem do zori!
More splendid and
More strong
Come on you, Botev Plovdiv! Botev Plovdiv!
Ei! Ei! Ei!
Come on, Canaries!
Come on, bravers!
Vse po-prekrasni
I vse po-silni
Napred ti – Botev Plovdiv! Botev Plovdiv!
Ei! Ei! Ei!
Napred, kanari
Napred, junatzi!
We are cretins!
There’s no order for us!
We haven’t problems!
We spit on you!
In our wild horde everybody’s right!
Without dispute – the king is each one of us!
We will get hold of our countless enemies!
We will lock them in NDK!
And we’ll burn them to ashes!
Nie sme kreteni!
Njama stroi za nas!
Njamame problemi!
Pljuem nii na vas!
V nash’ta diva orda vseki ima glas!
Kraljat e bezsporno vseki mezdu nas!
Vragovete si bezbroini nii shte izlovim!!!
V NDK shte gi zatvorim I shte izgorim!

Botev will hold on !
Will hold on the Cup !
And we will sing !
the song:

Botev shte pregarne!
Shte pregarne Kupata!
A nie shte zapeem!
Shte zapeem pesenta:
East Stand
The greatest all over the world!
All over the world!
It makes only miracles!
Tribuna Iztok
E nai-velikata v sveta!
E nai-velikata v sveta!
Tja pravi samo chudesa!

A tribute to all bultras, who have "an official prohibition"

The history of Botev Plovdiv is a wonderful novel of adventure. All the ingredients are there - love, luck, happiness, pain, passion, brawls, tears and friendship…
Botev Plovdiv Football Club was born on 12 March 1912 in Plovdiv, a town of millennial history. This oldest and one of the most prominent Bulgarian soccer firm has been established by students from the elite schools - the French College and the 1st Plovdiv High school. They choose to named it "Botev" in honour of a poet-revolutonary, a national hero Hristo Botiov. Since then the history of BPFC is marked on the sign of poetry and revolt.
During the years, by way of winds and storms of XX century Botev Plovdiv FC became the most popular city club, characteristically Plovdiv-spirit team - "the pride of Thrace". That's why fans of the Canaries proclaim their idea as an "Urban Order".
Years of the communist regime in Bulgaria is a time of continuous degradation of Plovdiv as a city of importance. Due to its bourgeois origin, BPFC had been slowly annihillating by administrative repressions and many cutting harms. Whole effort of the communist authorities has been targetted at increasing of the role of capital Sofia and its "uniform" clubs: militia (Levski Sofia) and army (CSKA). This was the true reason of being "always third" at the end of the championships...
Fortunately Bulgaria threw down communist regime in 1989. But ten years after, unfortunately BPFC failed in a difficult financial position through faults of the president Hristolov. The situation has radically worsen at the second half of the 2000/2001 season. The Canaries agonized in spite of the violent efforts of their fans! Relegated in Second division for the first time in history it's impossible to write about the real BPFC after these days. Now the team is back in the BG Premier division...
But there is still a cruel warfare between bultras and the club's president Dimitar "Rural" Hristolov...

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